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This online store has been made for people that love the outdoors by people that love the outdoors! Our mission is to provide good, quality products to help you enjoy what you love at an affordable price. Whether it's hunting or fishing, hiking, camping, mountain biking or traveling to another part of the world to explore and experience new adventures, we want to help you get outdoors! 

Pricing:  Our pricing changes with the market. If we can save money on our cost of goods, we try to pass that savings on to our customers by lowering our prices. If our cost goes up then our prices also must go up with the market. We are not trying to ask top dollar and get rich. We prefer to make a smaller profit and have loyal customers!

Product Information:

  • We offer both brand new merchandise purchased directly from the manufacturers or suppliers and we also offer used or pre-owned merchandise that may not be used and may still have the original tags on or still be in factory sealed packaging but was never opened.
  • All used and pre-owned merchandise will be sold in our Resale Shop even if it still has the tags on it and has never actually been used, we still consider this to be pre-owned goods.
  • Only merchandise that was purchased straight from the manufacturers and suppliers will be in our SHOP NEW part of our store.
  • We offer products from here in the USA and from International suppliers that have a proven record.
  • We may offer products from other websites by giving our customers the option of clicking on an affiliate link that takes our customers to another supplier's website to review and purchase the product if so desired allowing the customer to buy it direct instead of going through our store. Affiliate links are a referral system to help customers find what they are looking for and in return there is a small referral fee earned for helping you find it and the website gets to be the one to sell it to you. Example: Amazon - we have products in our store from Amazon that do not have an "Add to Cart" or "Buy it Now" option. Instead it will have the option "View on Amazon". This will take you directly to the same product on Amazon so you can still have the product you choose whether we can supply it for you or not. You would complete the deal on their site and we make a very small percentage of the sale paid to us directly by Amazon.  This does not raise your price on the product. Amazon want people to advertise for them and bring customers to them. These people are called Affiliates and have signed up to Amazon's Affiliates Program. Amazon has granted us the Approval to advertise their products.

Disclosure:  Judy, owner of Judy's-StopNShop (this website), is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Judys-stopnshop.com. Any item that shows a button "View on Amazon" is an affiliate link to the actual Amazon website to complete your review of the product. These purchases will be completed on Amazon's website and Amazon pays us a very small finders fee for showing you where to find their great products.

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