Sperry Top-Sider Duckie Rain Shoes Girls Youth Pink Plaid Size 2M

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Product details

  • Department: Girls / Youth
  • New or Preowned? Preowned
  • Size:  2M
  • Width: Medium
  • Model/Type: Duckie / Rubber Rain Shoes
  • Upper Material:  Waterproof
  • Heel:    Rubber
  • Style # :  YG38026
  • Color: Pink with Multi-color plaid topper
  • Product Weight : 1.55 lbs / 705 grams

Additional Information:  Young girl's rain shoes that have a fleece lining under tongue and upper edges. There is padding around upper edges, flexible soles and made of a durable rubber. Both shoes have pink laces for a good snug fit.

Condition Description:  these preowned shoes are in excellent condition except for the blue dots on the plaid area on the right shoe tongue just above the lace eyelet. Please see close up picture provided for your review.

Shipping Information: (Packed and ready to ship)

  • Shipping Weight: 1.86 lbs (843 grams)
  • Height:  10" inches
  • Length:   8" inches
  • Width:    4" inches